Fall protection equipment | Fall arrest systems | Roof safety products | Australian made (2024)

Fall protection equipment | Fall arrest systems | Roof safety products | Australian made (2024)

Fall Protection equipment | Fall Arrest Systems | Roof Safety Products | Australian Made | Compliant Roof Safety Equipment (2024)

Fall protection equipment designed by ANKAme, Australian made compliant roof safety products are proudly supporting the Australian economy and saving lives. Our related fall arrest systems, roof safety equipment and industry know how makes it easy for you to select the right roof safety products and roofer safety equipment when working at heights. ANKAme fall protection equipment proudly operating and saving lives since 2010.

A fall arrest system is a combination of roof safety products, that are usually made up of roof safety products such as a roof anchor point that's fitted to the roof structure as per user manual, a safety lanyard with shock absorber must be attached between the user harness and the roof anchor point, when used properly these devises will offer the appropriate fall protection to save your live in a potential fall.

According to the Safety and Health Administration law, it is mandatory to wear a personal roof safety fall arrest system and fall protection to protect the health and safety of workers. The three main things which complete the PFAS (personal fall arrest system) are:

1.Anchor points

2. Bodywear i.e. roofer harness and roof worker safety kits

3. Ladder access roof safety brackets

3.Connectors (lanyard, Shock absorbers, steel carabiner, wire strop, rope-grab, and ladder brackets etc.)

Workers must perform their work only if they are provided with the correct fall arrets safety equipment. They must know about the roof safety measures, equipment and hazards to ensure no accident takes place at the worksite

Roof Anchor Points

Anchor points are part of a roof safety system that are usually installed on the roof so that lanyards, lifelines and other forms of height safety fall arrest and fall restraint equipment can be used as per the manufactures user manuals and relevant AS/NZS. It helps in preventing accidents from working at heights and plays an important role in your fall arrest system. We provide both permanent roof anchors and temporary roof anchors. Often, anchor points are referred to as roof safety products or fall protection equipment or fall arrest systems. Our roof anchor fall arrest systems are tested by Test Safe Australia a division of Safe Work NSW, to hold 15kN of load (approximately 1500kg of load). Workers must read and understand all the do’s and don’ts mentioned on the user manual. Before installing the anchor point, it’s advisable to thoroughly check the roof structure and other safety equipment to ensure they don’t have any defects.

CLICK HERE roof anchors:

Temporary Roof Anchor point

Temporary roof anchors are mostly used for short term work. Any competent and confident person can easily install, remove and relocate the temporary anchors. Temporary roof anchors can be reused on multiple projects multiple times, making them not only safe for the user but also cost effective. Do not leave Temporary roof anchors on the roof as a permanent application or fix. The right way of installing a temporary roof anchor is by starting with the manufacture’s installation user guide. This can easily be located on the roof anchor point via the QR scan code. You can then use the colour-coded installation instruction user guide as labelled on each roof anchor. The ANKAme roof anchors have been designed to align to the roof screw patterns and profiles so you’re not left with holes in the roof sheeting like other products do. Suitable for metal roofing and concrete applications.

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Permanent anchor point

They are durable and light-weight. They are surface mounted over the top of the roof sheet profiles and ribs, so no need to gain entry to the underside of the roof. Install time is estimated to be 1 minute 30 seconds. The right way of installing a temporary roof anchor is by starting with the manufacture’s installation user guide which can be easily located on the roof anchor point via the QR scan code. You can then use the colour-coded installation instructions user guide as labelled on each roof anchor. The ANKAme roof anchors have been designed to align to the roof screw patterns and profiles.

Suitable for metal roofing and concrete applications.

CLICK HERE Permanent Roof Anchor

Roof Height Safety Harness roof safety kits

Roof safety harness is another essential piece of equipment to prevent falling from a height. Check the buckles of the harness so that it fits comfortably on your body. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. The roofing harness should be free from defects.

Follow these steps on how to put on roofing harness safely:

  • Put the roofing harness over the shoulder like a vest make sure the roof safety equipment fits snug
  • Make sure D-ring is in the upper middle part of the back and between the shoulders
  • Adjust the leg strap and tie the buckles all together.
  • Stand straight to adjust the length of the body straps. Make sure there is no slack.
  • Adjust the chest strap about mid-chest high and make sure there’s no slack.
  • Make sure the roofing harness allows the body to move freely. It should fit-snugly.

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It helps to minimize the impact after a sudden fall. Wearing a harness is not enough. Pair it with a lanyard to avoid serious injury caused in the event of a sudden fall. Lanyards reduce the speed and provides a cushion from the impact. The lanyard is attached to the D-ring of the harness.

Benefits of lanyards:

Minimizes the speed during a potential fall

Reduces the impact

Helps to protect your back from severe injury

See our range of lanyards:

  • Retractable lanyard
  • Single tear web lanyard 
  • Double tear web lanyard


Rope Grab

It is safety equipment that enables the worker to move up and down freely. It is a metal hand trigger which lets you move freely and should be adjusted according to your needs.

See our harness rope, C/W, grab, hook, shock absorber:

CLICK HERE Harness Rope

Ladder Access Brackets

  • Ladder brackets provides various benefits for the safety of roof workers.
  • Use of ladder becomes safe and secure
  • Minimizes ladder-related accidents
  • It allows safe ladder access to the roof
  • Minimises damage to buildings like scratches to guttering etc.
  • Easily accommodates extension ladder
  • Avoid sideways and outwards ladder slippage

CLICK HERE Ladder Access Bracket

Steel carabiners

They are used to attach a combination of height safety products to each other. They are heat resistant thus can be used in extreme conditions. Make sure you check all the locks and gates before use.

CLICK HERE Steel Karabiner

Wire strop

It is a safety device that is generally used to connect to the first roof anchor point located at the entry of the roof access location. It is around 1.5 meters in length and the user will connect to this wire strop prior to stepping off the ladder, for safe access to and from the ladder. The sturdy design of the wire strop provides flexibility and is capable of handling stress in a potential fall.

Benefits of wire strop:

  • Sturdy design
  • Provides flexibility
  • Provides crushing resistance
  • Provides fatigue resistance
  • Rot-resistant design


What is fall protection ?

Fall protection is a combination of height safety equipment and usually starts with the hierarchy of control, for example: when assessing the height safety equipment required to carry out the site-specific job task when working at heights you should always follow "best practice" you should ask yourself as a competent person the following questions:

a) is scaffolding required and is it the best option 

b) site access and access to and from the job task location

c) should I use a EWP ( Elevated Work Platform ) in lieu of scaffolding

d) should I use fall protection equipment such as roof anchor points and height safety equipment in lieu of scaffolding or EWP's

e) prior to starting works have you created and provided to your client a SWMS and related safety start up documents that clearly state how you and your workers intend to safely carry out the job task start to finish

f) "if in doubt ask" as per AS/NZS and falls code of practice and PCBU's and OHS regulations

Wrap up

Safety comes first. Roof workers must know the importance of handling fall arrest systems and following safety measures. Training in areas where required is a must for all workers and makes them aware of the safety tips to avoid accidents. It is important to inspect the area before beginning the work to ensure worker’s safety.

Now you are aware of all the potential hazards, safety equipment and measures used at the workplace. Make sure you not only educate your workers but also practice safe measures with them to avoid serious injuries and deaths at the workplace.

Check out ANKAme’s wide range of fall arrest and related height safety equipment.


We recently purchased 6 roofer kits from ANKAme height safety and are very happy with the quality and usability of the products, the roof anchors are very easy to install as they come with QR user guide and colour coded installation instructions on each anchor. Perfect for what we need.

Totally recommend this product for anyone wanting compliant height safety products to keep their staff safe when working at heights.

- Derek Phillips

We install ANKAme height safety products across Melbourne, we wouldn’t use any other product, roof anchors come with signed test report for customer satisfaction and compliance to current AS/NZS 1891.4:2009. Roof anchor and height safety installations servicing all areas of Melbourne 0412728773

- Joe Conway

I recently purchased temporary roof anchoring equipment and found the product very easy to use, made of quality materials - essential for working safely on roofs. The equipment arrived in satisfactory time with no hassles. I would definitely use ANKAme again for roof safety equipment.

- Rob Baker

I bought an Ankame temporary anchor point more than a year ago. My business is building repairs & maintenance so we are often on domestic roofs. It is easy to use and was delivered promptly. I highly recommend this product.

- David Kay