Features and Benefits

Roof Safety Anchors Features and Benefits (2024)

ANKAme Roof Anchors are Complaint, easy to use and can be installed by a competent person as per manufactures user manual and AS/NZS. 


Roof anchors proudly tested and approved by TEST SAFE AUSTRALIA a division of SafeWork NSW



ANKAme is specifically developed, designed and manufactured to meet the strictest Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards. ANKAme delivers to you a compliant product that is not only affordable but is easy to install and use, that will help protect you and your workers with falls from heights. 


Roof anchors must comply with AS/NZS 1891.4:2009 as per the SafeWork Australia falls code referenced standard's and related OHS / WHS legislations.


Roof Anchor Features and Benefits

  • For the use of – Free Fall Arrest single point anchorage ( 15kn ) 1 person per system
  • Can be used as a Static Line System – As per owner manual
  • Compliant and Certified Product complies with all current AS/NZS
  • Surface mountable and comes with owners manual, carry bag & fastenings
  • Light-weight ( 3kg )
  • Adapts to metal roof sheeting and concrete fix
  • Permanent & Temporary roof anchors available
  • Aligns to roof screw pattern and profile


  What does ANKAme anchor point adapt to?

  Temporary Roof Anchor adapt to:

    Custom Orb, Trimdeck, Spandeck & Concrete Fix


  Permanent Roof Anchor adapt to:

    Custom Orb, Trimdeck, Spandeck, KLIP LOK 500, KLIP LOK 700 & Concrete Fix


    Features & Benefits of ANKAme Roof Anchors

Compliant with Australian Standards
Temporary Roof Anchors can be used multiple times
ANKAme Roof Anchors align to roof screw patterns
Surface mountable only
ANKAme Temporary roof anchors comes with a carry bag
ANKAme roof anchor is a free fall arrest anchor
ANKAme roof anchors are suitable for Static-Line Use
Roof anchors can fit up to 6 different metal roof profiles and as a concrete fix
ANKAme roof anchors come colour Co-ordinated
ANKAme Temporary roof anchor is a cost effective
Harness Kits available for all ANKAme roof anchors
Roof profile screw indicators on ANKAme
Can be purchased individually, or as part of a kit or bundle
Roof anchors can be used Nationwide
Cost effective for multiple jobs at different locations
Roof water tightness & integrity is not affected once ANKAme roof anchor is removed
No access to interior of the roof required that could affect the roof’s integrity
Easy to move around site and install
Easy to carry, store and transport
Rated to a load of 15kn
ANKAme roof anchors can be incorporated into a static line safety system
One ANKAme you can trust to fit the job
Permanent roof in gull grey to match commercial roofs. Temporary roof anchor is hi-vis orange
Temporary roof anchor can be used over and over again with the same fixings
We provide high-quality harnesses kits available with ANKAme roof anchors
Easily identify position of fastenings for fast installation
Easy delivery of specific parts required by the end user

We recently purchased 6 roofer kits from ANKAme height safety and are very happy with the quality and usability of the products, the roof anchors are very easy to install as they come with QR user guide and colour coded installation instructions on each anchor. Perfect for what we need.

Totally recommend this product for anyone wanting compliant height safety products to keep their staff safe when working at heights.

- Derek Phillips

We install ANKAme height safety products across Melbourne, we wouldn’t use any other product, roof anchors come with signed test report for customer satisfaction and compliance to current AS/NZS 1891.4:2009. Roof anchor and height safety installations servicing all areas of Melbourne 0412728773

- Joe Conway

I recently purchased temporary roof anchoring equipment and found the product very easy to use, made of quality materials - essential for working safely on roofs. The equipment arrived in satisfactory time with no hassles. I would definitely use ANKAme again for roof safety equipment.

- Rob Baker

I bought an Ankame temporary anchor point more than a year ago. My business is building repairs & maintenance so we are often on domestic roofs. It is easy to use and was delivered promptly. I highly recommend this product.

- David Kay