Roof Access Systems | Height Safety Equipment | Fall Protection | Working At Heights | ANKAme (2024)

Roof Access Systems | Height Safety Equipment | Fall Protection | Working At Heights | ANKAme (2024)

Roof Access Systems | Height Safety Equipment | Fall Protection | Working At Heights 

Need safe complaint roof access systems, we provide safe user friendly fully compliant height safety fall protection equipment for working safely at heights. Working at heights is one of the reasons behind workplace deaths and serious injuries in Australia as stated on the SafeWork Australia facts sheets from 2015 - 2022 people whom are working at heights and improper handling of tools, materials and safety equipment causes about 7000 injuries in Australia every year. 2024.

The downtime from the workplace and injury recovery cost is approximately $28.6 Billion dollars, to the Australian economy, as noted in the SafeWork Australia review and report October 2022

Thus, using safety measures in the workplace is very important for workers. Falls can occur in the following places:

  • Ladder access
  • Working on roofs
  • Stacking shelves
  • Unloading a large truck
  • Slip, trip hazards
  • At ground level - Fall into a hole, trench, service pits etc

Making workers aware of the certain falling situations and using safety measures to avoid such hazards is everyone’s responsibility

Working safely at height

There is a law which states that employers must ensure a certified and compliant fall protection system must be provided to the workers to protect them from a fall while working at heights. The roof safety system starts with the use of an appropriate and reliable anchor point. There are different designs, sizes, heights and features of anchor points. You must know which is suitable for the roof type to avoid risks from falls. Carry out a risk assessment of the worksite before beginning the work

Height Safety Equipment & Systems

Our safety equipment and safety systems provide comfort and the highest level of security to workers. We also improve work area safety whilst at the same time-saving money by using products that can be reused multiple times on multiple projects. Our aim is to keep your staff safe. Our safety equipment is user-friendly, affordable and effective in creating a safe work site. They are helpful in minimizing unnecessary money spent on scaffolding.

We provide a reliable and exclusive collection of fall protection systems which include:

  • Temporary Roof Anchor points
  • Permanent Roof Anchor points (we can also arrange installation)
  • Ladder Access Bracket
  • Roofer kits
  • Related height safety equipment

Falling from heights

Distraction while working, slippery surface, imbalance of steps while carrying equipment or supplies can result in serious injuries or death of workers. Most falls occur because of the use of a defective ladder. The sideways movement of the ladder causes the user to be imbalanced. If the worker is carrying any equipment or supplies whilst climbing a ladder or working on a roof, it has the potential for serious injury or even death.

What is a Roof Anchor points

Roof anchor points are usually installed on the roof so that lanyards, lifelines and other forms of tie-offs can be attached to the roof. It helps to prevent accidents from heights and plays an important role in your fall protection system. We provide both permanent roof anchor and temporary roof anchors. Often, anchor point are referred to as a fall protection anchor point. Our products are tested by a division of SafeWork NSW, to hold 15kn of load (approximately 1.5 tones of load). Workers must read, understand and work to all the dos and don’ts mentioned in the manufacturer’s user manual. Before installing the anchor point, it’s important to thoroughly check the roofing structure, materials and other safety equipment to make sure they don’t have any defects.

Permanent Roof Anchor points

Permanent roof anchors are installed to ensure any ongoing repairs, work and construction work is maintained properly when working above the roof line. Permanent roof anchors have proved to be the best fall protection solution for those working in construction. The correct installation and regular inspections ensure that equipment is working perfectly.


  • Complies with Complies: AS/NZS 1891.4: 2009, Single Point Anchorage (15Kn) and AS/NZS 1891.2: Supplement 1:2001, Static Line Use (15Kn)
  • Adapts to metal roof sheeting and concrete
  • Aligns to roof screw pattern and profile
  • Cost-effective
  • Simple installation method (with QR code user guide & color-coded installation instructions on each roof anchor)
  • Default colour Gull Grey
  • CW, fastenings, owner’s manual
  • Installed and used by any competent person

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Temporary Roof Anchor Points

Temporary roof anchors area user-friendly and durable safety measure whilst working from metal roofs or concrete fix. Where there is no permanent safety anchor already installed, this is a quick and easy solution. They qualify both fall arrest and fall restraint work applications as they keep the work area protected from any kind of accidents. Although our design is light weight it doesn’t compromise on safety.


  • Complies with: AS/NZS 1891.4: 2009, Single Point Anchorage (15Kn) and AS/NZS 1891.2: Supplement 1:2001, Static Line Use (15Kn)
  • Adapts to Metal roof sheeting and concrete
  • Aligns to roof screw pattern and profile
  • Cost-effective
  • Simple installation method (with QR code user guide & colour coded installation instructions on each roof anchor)
  • Installed and used by competent person
  • Default colour Hi-Vis
  • CW, fastenings, owner’s manual and carry bag
  • Installed and used by any competent person

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Design and Installation of Anchor Points

If the anchor points are poorly designed or not installed properly, it can result in severe injuries. We believe that there should be no excuse for not taking safety precautions while working at heights. We provide the right safety products to avoid mishap or accidents at the worksite. Our products are tested first and then delivered to our clients. Our products are high quality and easy to install.

Compliance with AS/NZS1891.4:2009

Our anchor devices have been tested and approved by a division of SafeWork NSW as per testing requirements set by AS/NZS1891.4:2009. This standard provides clarity about the safety equipment and safety systems. It also ensures the loading level. According to the standard, anchors must be capable of holding 15Kn of load which is approximately 1.5 tonnes of load, in the direction of a potential fall. 

For further information from SafeWork NSW: Click Here

How to reduce the risks of falling from heights

Anyone can fall anytime while working on the roof or even accessing the roof by a ladder. Falling off the roof can be caused by many things. Working on the roof is full of dangers. ANKAme provides safety assurance tips, accessories and products to reduce the risk of falls with its range of:

  • Roof anchors
  • Ladder access brackets
  • Roofers Harness
  • Harness rope, C/W, grab, hook, shock absorber
  • Retractable Lanyard
  • Steel Karabiner
  • Wire Strop
  • Installation tools

ANKAme are fall protection safety experts in Australia! We are passionate about our work.


We recently purchased 6 roofer kits from ANKAme height safety and are very happy with the quality and usability of the products, the roof anchors are very easy to install as they come with QR user guide and colour coded installation instructions on each anchor. Perfect for what we need.

Totally recommend this product for anyone wanting compliant height safety products to keep their staff safe when working at heights.

- Derek Phillips

We install ANKAme height safety products across Melbourne, we wouldn’t use any other product, roof anchors come with signed test report for customer satisfaction and compliance to current AS/NZS 1891.4:2009. Roof anchor and height safety installations servicing all areas of Melbourne 0412728773

- Joe Conway

I recently purchased temporary roof anchoring equipment and found the product very easy to use, made of quality materials - essential for working safely on roofs. The equipment arrived in satisfactory time with no hassles. I would definitely use ANKAme again for roof safety equipment.

- Rob Baker

I bought an Ankame temporary anchor point more than a year ago. My business is building repairs & maintenance so we are often on domestic roofs. It is easy to use and was delivered promptly. I highly recommend this product.

- David Kay