Correct Installation of Roof Anchor Points Swing Down & Swing Back explainer video (2024)

Correct Installation of Roof Anchor Points Swing Down & Swing Back explainer video (2024)

Correct Installation of Roof Anchor Points Swing Down & Swing Back 

It’s crucial that any roof anchor point is positioned with a view to avoiding potential dangers, however unlikely. Examples of such risks are the danger of swing down, and swing back and severing of the arrest line. 2024.

Swing down: an arrest line should not be anchored so there’s any possibility that a falling person could fall off the roof and hit the ground. The length of the arrest line is also important here, as well as the anchor point location.

Swing back: an anchor point installation that allows the arrest line to swing a falling person back to hit the perpendicular edge of the building or structure.

Care must also be take to avoid a sharp roof edge from severing the arrest line altogether.

If any of these scenarios are likely, reconsider individual fall arrest. There are other height safety solutions that would work in these cases like EWP's or perimeter roof guard rail or scaffolding.

It may be the case where a combination of all 4 different roof edge protection systems are required, or even a blend of the different types of roof safety systems.

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Roof anchors MUST comply with AS/NZS 1891.4:2009 roof anchor testing and compliance


Australian made roof anchors

Do you need a registered, insured structural engineer to provide you with a design layout for your permanent fix roof anchor points, static lines and ladder access bracket installation intent ?

We have you covered, we have partnered with ROSS Engineers, whom can provide user friendly design intent roof safety plan layouts as per AS/NZS requirements for a competent person to then be able to install the roof ANKAme roof safety systems as per signed engineers cad drawings and manufactures user manuals. Prices start from $500.00 + GST.


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