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 What Makes Us Different:

  • Fits up and over the most common gutter profiles ( so ladder does not rest against gutter )

  • Aligns to all common metal roof screw patterns & profile

  • Temporary application just use existing roof screws ( minimum x2 fixings as per user manual )

  • Temporary or permanent application ( comes with permanent fixings )

  • Fully compliant to AS/NZS 1657:2018

  • Can be installed and used by any competent person, tradie or DIY, as per AS/NZS and user manual

  • Simple installation method, with QR code user manual installation instructions on each ladder bracket ( for easy install, 20 seconds )

  • Roof or wall mounted

  • Fits the most common & industrial width extension ladders

  • Strong and durable ( 1kg )

  • Made from hi-grade aluminium ( compatible with direct contact to colourbond roof sheeting )

  • Adapts to all the most common types of metal roof sheeting & concrete application


We guarantee your safety with our products


Ladder access Bracket complies with AS/NZS 1657:2018. PATENT PENDING. REGISTERED DESIGN.

The ANKAme Ladder Access Bracket is a fully compliant tool, designed to ensure your safety whilst working at heights. The bracket can be surface mounted to any metal, concrete or masonry roofing or walls, temporarily or permanently.

Can be installed and used by competent persons as per AS/NZS

Constructed from 5mm high-grade, durable aluminium plate, with a linished finish



1 x ladder access bracket, 1 x installation and user guide, 4 x permanent fixings (M12 X 25MM HEX HEAD SCREWS) ONLY


Ladder should be tied to bracket during use. Do not install bracket in a corrosive environment. Do not use chemicals to clean. Wipe with a clean, damp cloth regularly. Access bracket should be inspected every 12 months.



For roof or wall mounting, a minimum of 4 12x25mm roof screws with neoprene washer must be used for the permanent fix installation onto metal material, as shown in FIG 1.A

Comes with permanent fixings.

Fig 1A – Metal roof / wall – Permanent fix application




TEMPORARY roof anchor fix onto METAL

For roof or wall mounting, a minimum of 2 12x50mm roof screws with neoprene washer are used for the temporary fix installation onto metal roofs or walls as shown in FIG 2.A.            

All screws must penetrate into timber or steel structure below roof sheeting, as shown. Use fixings from existing roof for temporary fixing of ladder access bracket. Temporary fix application is not suitable for Permanent fix application.

Fig 2A – Metal roof / wall – Temporary fix application



For wall mounting, a minimum of 2 8x50mm anchor bolts are used for the permanent fix installation onto concrete roofs or walls, as shown as shown in FIG 3.A

Fig 3A – Concrete or Masonry / wall – Permanent or Temporary fix application



pdf-download.jpgInstallation and User Guide



The Manufacturer / Distributor cannot be held responsible for any Product that is not installed correctly or is misused. Persons installing these Products must be competent. All persons installing Height Safety Products must know the ‘Working At Heights’ Regulations, have had Height Safety Training & be competent in all the relevant Australian Standards applicable to the work you are doing. Any installation diagrams are the manufacturers recommended methods and must be adhered to. The Manufacturer / Distributor cannot be held responsible for incorrect installation documentation or procedures. The Distributor will endeavour to help and give guidance where necessary but cannot be held responsible for any ‘misinterpretations’ or ’incorrect’ advice.


FAQ / Read more .... 

When do I need to use a roof ladder bracket ?

  • The Work at Height Regulations 2005 state that whenever there is the potential for a person to fall while working and this leads to injury, then the worker must have some form of protection. What type of protection depends on a risk assessment being carried out and a method of protection selected from the hierarchy of control

What is a roof safety ladder bracket ?

  • A ladder bracket is a ladder safety device used to secure the top of the ladder to the roof or wall mounted, for the worker to gain safe access to the roof or wall via the ladder

How to use a ladder and install a ladder bracket ?

  • Always follow the manufactures selection use and maintenance user guide, if in doubt ask

Who can secure and use a ladder access brackets ?

  • As per the AS/NZS a competent person needs to install and use the ladder access bracket

What is a ladder tie off bracket ?

  • Once the ladder bracket has been installed as per the user manual, then the ladder should always be tied off to the ladder bracket

What's the difference between a roof and wall mounted ladder gutter bracket ?

  • The ANKAme ladder access bracket has been designed by metal roofing specialists so that the ladder bracket can adapt to all metal roof types and also to concrete or masonry walls

Safe ladder bracket standards and compliance ?

  • The ANKAme roof anchor is fully compliant with AS/NZS 1657:2018

Can the ANKAme ladder bracket fit any extension ladder ?

  • Yes the ANKAme ladder access bracket has been designed to fit the widest commercial extension ladder

Dose the safe ladder bracket need to be load rated ?

  • NO as per the AS/NZS the ladder access bracket does not need to be load rated

Can the ANKAme ladder bracket be used on any metal roof type in any location ?

  • Yes the ANKAme ladder bracket can fit on all types of metal roofs, either side of roof or at bottom of roof, up and over the external gutters

Dose the ANKAme ladder bracket come with user manual and fastenings ?

  • Yes the ANKAme ladder bracket comes with a user manual, and x4 12X25 fixing screws come with each ladder bracket for the permanent fix, and for the temporary fix just use the existing roof screws

Roof access ladder brackets near me ?

  • Yes the ANKAme roof access ladder brackets and height safety equipment are sold online and with over 33 trusted resellers Australia wide, incudes Tasmanian and New Zealand  


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Product Reviews

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
We install ANKAme height safety products across Melbourne, we wouldn’t use any other product, roof anchors come with signed test report for customer satisfaction and compliance to current AS/NZS 1891.4:2009.

- Joe Conway

Roof anchor and height safety installations servicing all areas of Melbourne

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I have tradesmen come to do work on my two story house. And I do not want anyone to slip from working from two stories especially cleaning gutters etc. Therefore I value this addition feature to our house to keep our tradesmen safe

- Ian Davey

Home owner, Melbourne

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
We recently purchased 6 roofer kits from ANKAme height safety and are very happy with the quality and usability of the products, the roof anchors are very easy to install as they come with QR user guide and colour coded installation instructions on each anchor. Perfect for what we need. Totally recommend this product for anyone wanting compliant height safety products to keep their staff safe when working at heights.

- Derek Phillips

Charged Energy Servicing all areas of Queensland

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Purchased a permanent roof anchor directly from ANKAme. Product arrived quickly and exactly as described. Installation was straight forward and John at ANAKme responded quickly to questions by email.

- Mark Bonnar