Roofers Kit 2 - With Metal Roof Anchor

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Roofers Kit 2 Temporary required
Roofers Kit 2 Harness required
Roofers Kit 2 Harness Rope required
Roofers Kit 2 Karabiner required


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  • ANKAme fully compliant roof anchor point, tested & approved by a division of SafeWork NSW  Certificate of Test Report 
  • Roof anchor adapts to the x3 most common types of metal roof sheeting & concrete application
  • Roof anchor aligns to roof screw pattern and profile ( so your not left with holes in the roof sheeting )
  • All products can be installed and used by any competent person, tradie or DIY
  • Spanset spectra body roof worker harness comes with d-rings fitted front & rear of harness
  • Spanset harness rope, inbuilt shock absorber, rope grab & end connector hook
  • Simple installation & use method

We guarantee your safety

Roofers Kit 2 includes:

  • 1 x Temporary ANKAme (includes fastenings, owners manual & carry bag)
  • 1 x Roofers Harness
  • 1 x Harness Rope  (includes shock absorber, end hook and rope grab)
  • 1 x Karabiner


The Roofers Kit 2 products comply with AS/NZS .

Great for those short term or long term tight access jobs when working at heights.


When working at height it may be necessary for a worker to use personal protective equipment to safeguard against falls from height. The worker or their employer should carry out a risk assessment to ensure that the choice of equipment is appropriate in accordance with the “Work at Height Regulations 2005”. The Roofers Kit 2 provides the worker with the ability to prevent falls over an exposed edge. The Roofers Kit 2 is for use on flat, or inclined roofs and is compatible with eyebolts, or horizontal anchorage line systems.


When do I need to wear the Roofers Safety Kit?
The Work at Height Regulations 2005 state that whenever there is the potential for a person to fall while working and this leads to injury, then the worker must have some form of protection. What type of protection depends on a risk assessment being carried out and a method of protection selected from the hierarchy.