Retractable Lanyard

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Retractable Lanyard
(2.3m reach)
x2 Karabiner

  • Retractable Lanyard is a Fall Arrester
  • Ideal for applications where weight & size are critical
  • Longer than a mini block & more convenient than a full weight Retractable Lanyard device
  • Webbing lifeline remains in constant tensionLanyard Remains in constant tension, enables to limit the clear height required & impact of the worker in the event of a fall.
  • Simple to inspect
  • Requires annual service
  • Supplied with clear user instructions
  • Individually serial numbered certification
  • Retractable Lanyard inspection instructions

Anchor points 
When used in a fall arrest system the anchor point should where possible be above the user. The anchor point should hold 15kN and conform to AS/NZS1891.4:2009. Only use an approved connector to the anchor point.

No repairs, alterations or additions should be made to the product without consultation with the manufacturer. The equipment should not be used outside its limitations, or for any purpose for which it is not intended. If equipment is to be used as part of a system consult with the manufacturer. The equipment should not be used by a person with a medical condition which may affect their safety in normal and emergency use. Only full body harnesses with a tested attachment point should be used as part of a fall arrest system.