Single Tear Web Lanyard

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Single Tear Web Lanyard

The lanyards are designed to minimize the forces endured by an operator should a fall occur. Lanyards feature back up straps should the tear web be fully deployed and all are certified to AS/NZS 1891.1. With heavy duty, alloy steel, corrosion resistant components and high tenacity polyester webbing they offer outstanding safety and value to this range.

Heavy duty alloy steel fittings
Robust and lightweight, offers genuine user acceptance and confidence with corrosion resistance, high quality feel, and smooth function.

Tear web energy absorber
Limits the forces to under 6kN should a fall occur as per Australian/New Zealand standards.

High tensile contrasted stitching
The high tensile computerized sew pattern give repeatable uniformity compared to manual sew patterns. The contrasting color makes inspection easier.

Polyester webbing
High tenacity polyester webbing gives better value, strength and safety through longevity. Polyester is UV resistant and does not lose strength when it becomes wet. All this in a high visibility webbing that is soft and pliable to the touch.