What is a Height Safety Compliance Plate & How It’s Installed on Site?

What is a Height Safety Compliance Plate & How It’s Installed on Site?

What is a height safety compliance plate

It’s important to take safety seriously when working at heights. Sometimes workers become complacent once they complete several roof projects. They may even take some shortcuts while working at heights which can result in accidents. Workers must know the fact that once the mistake is done, they won’t get a second chance to undo it. Even a small fall from a height can turn into a serious accident. Many complacent workers have lost their lives due to a work-related incident. Help them to understand the value of safety equipment and safety systems. Don’t let your worksite turn into an accident site

Safety compliance plates are introduced in the work area and come with a warning sign and necessary details, to be completed by the competent installer. They ensure work is completed after properly assessing the work area, equipment and makes users and people aware about the access point

ANKAme height safety compliance plates are used to include the information regarding the testing of the equipment. It must mark and label the date of inspection and the next inspection date very clearly. At every roof access points, fitting of a safety compliance plate is a must. All the equipment must be certified, and inspected every 12 months by a competent person. A safety compliance plate must be fitted at the worksite in accordance with the AS/NZS 1891.4 Standard. It is the responsibility of the owner, staff and manager to ensure the work is carried out according to the AS/NZS 1891.4 standard

Installation Of The Height Safety Compliance Plate:

The compliance plate is attached at the work area that states the inspection date, certification, quantity of anchor installed, wire strop, static lines, ladder brackets. It also includes load rating, load rating, abseil, fall arrest, number of persons, lines and anchor.

Mention the right details about the certifies, his contact details, certified date and due service dates

Safety compliance plates come with a warning sign and various important points mentioned on it which are as follows:

  • It must be used by only a competent person
  • It must be used by a person who has a relevant authority
  • Products must be used with a full-body harness with shock absorber in-accordance with the Australian standards.
  • Working to all the safety standards while working at heights
  • Inspect the equipment after every 12 months (by a competent person)
  • Close the work area if any mishaps occurs like damage, fall from a height, chemical exposure etc.
  • Access should be denied if safety equipment is found to be non-compliant at the time of inspection

First, it is placed on the concrete wall or roof. Screw it on the wall or roof. Make sure all the correct details are written on the compliance plate. If systems have exceeded the service due date, access is to be denied and products are to be inspected by a competent person and re-certified. Watch how our worker installs a compliance plate in ten seconds:

Key Features

  • It is made of 5mm thick Aluminum plate strong and durable
  • It has 8mm diameter holes in each side of the plate used to fix it against the roof or wall at the roof access point
  • The safety compliance plate is ultraviolet protected with a vinyl finish
  • It contains information about the installed safety equipment
  • Compatible with direct contact to all concrete or masonry walls and color bond, zincalume, galvanized metal roofing materials

It is installed to make sure equipment is correctly installed and the anchor points installed are attached correctly and ready for use. It provides regular inspection, certification of the height equipment and fall arrest personal protection equipment. It is important to ensure the integrity of the system so that the equipment works efficiently and effectively. ANKAme safety compliance plate ensures that our safety equipment and system are fully complaint, in date and fit for use.

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