Assessing Height Safety Equipment

Assessing Height Safety Equipment

Any worker using a fall arrest system should not work alone. If they absolutely must work alone they should be constantly monitored as things can go wrong quickly, without warning. All hooks must be checked before every use.

Assessing Height Safety Equipment.

  1. Check that the opening/closing mechanism closes and locks quickly
  2. If cleaning does not fix the hook mechanism, do not use the hook
  3. Check the rear hook connection to the harness is completely closed and not caught in clothing
  4. Connect the rear hook before putting the harness on. If this is not possible, have another person check it.

The hooks used for working at heights should be automatic lock or double locking, especially when it’s required to make a connection between a worker and an anchor point because there is no room for error here. Snap hooks must NOT be used as they can open accidently and are not safe in this scenario.