1.3m Anchor Strap

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1.3m Anchor Strap

Type: Webbing
Orientation of use:
Choke or Basket
MBS Rating: 22kN (choke)
Connection: To D Ring

  • These anchor straps are designed to be used in a reeved configuration only
  • Maximum fall 2 meaters
  • For use by one person only
  • You must wear protection

When rigging an anchor with a sling or pair of slings, the angle between the two legs or slings has a direct bearing on the strain induced in each sling and anchor point.

The maximum angle between each side of a sling anchor system, whether formed with slings or rope should not excedd 120°. At 120° each side of the system carries 100% of the load.

Any angle great than 120° means that the load is multiplied and may become hazardous, anything less than 120°, the load is divided and therefore safer. The optimum and safest angle is 50° or less.

To be used as an anchor strap for connection to a structurally adequate, horizontal solid permanent structure at one end, and a lanyard, restraint line or fall arrest devices at the other.